Wolf Empire
by Scott Ian Barry
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An Intimate Portrait of a Species: Wolf Empire

Book Description

From award-winning photographer Scott Ian Barry comes Wolf Empire--the most comprehensive and stunning visual record of wolves ever published in black-and-white photography. In this world of fur and teeth, texture and shape, light and shadow, Barry creates a highly intimate look at wolves and their often mystifying way of life.

Each high-quality photograph is accompanied by a narrative in which Barry relates the circumstances that led to the taking of the photo, or some unique personal observation about wolf behavior gathered from his more than thirty years of experience as a wildlife photographer. His great reverence for these magnificent animals comes through in frame after frame of wolves in varying degrees of harmony and aggression, excitement and tranquility, cooperation and solitude--all part of their experience and essential to their survival. Barrys photographs show wolves for the individuals they are, a species as diverse as humans.

Publisher: The Lyons Press / The Globe Pequot Press | Dated Published: 06/01/2007 | Pages: 184 | Language: English | Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9781599210537


“I've tracked them, fought them in a film (Jeremiah Johnson), and narrated a Natural History Museum recording of their language. I know this much. They are much misunderstood, but they are smart, cunning and important to the overall balance of our threatened ecosystem. They are more than worth preserving. This book provides an excellent chart to understanding this very special animal."
--Robert Redford

"WOLF EMPIRE is a magnificent portrait of one of nature's most majestic creatures, the wild wolf. Here we see their cunning, playfulness, beauty and killer instincts in an unforgettable album that gives us unique insights into their character and place in our lives."
--Tom Brokaw

"Mr. Barry has caught the intelligence and beauty of these magnificent creatures and helps us understand the American wolf a little better."
--Ted Turner

Art of the Wild - Award-winning photographer Scott Ian Barrys deep personal connection with wolves is on full display in his gorgeous book Wolf Empire: An Intimate Portrait of a Species (The Lyons Press, 208 pages, $29.95). Nearly 100 arresting black-and-white photographs capture the animals’ rugged beauty and, along with the text, provide glimpses into their behavior—from rowdy play to peaceful reverie. “Although wolves are beasts of great power, stealth, and vitality, they possess a skill that we are rapidly losing,” Barry writes, “which is the ability to stop, rest, and shut out the poisons of the world around them.” Click here for more wolf portraits.
--Andrea Anderson, Audubon Magazine

WOLF EMPIRE: AN INTIMATE PORTRAIT OF A SPECIES comes from an award-winning photographer who captures gorgeous wolf scenes in black and white - many of his works printed here for the first time. He's spent over three decades observing and photographing wolves and researching them, so WOLF EMPIRE is more than a season or two of shots, but a lifetime of experience, highly recommended for any collection strong in natural history or nature photography alike.
By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

"Scott Ian Barrys photographs were once described by Ansel Adams as 'striking and generous portraits.' Maybe that’s because Woodstock resident Barry focuses his viewfinder on the passion that’s ruled his life: wolves. His first book, Kingdom of the Wolves, won an award from the National Science Teachers Association. Now hes created Wolf Empire: An Intimate Portrait of a Species, compilation of images and essays for grown-ups."
(An Excerpt from Chronogram, May 2007)

"Having spent nearly two decades working to restore these magnificent creatures to the hunting grounds of their ancestors in the wilds of the American West, I welcome Scott Ian Barry's rare and eloquent glimpse into the lives of wolves. As we become more intimate with these beings, we gain a better understanding of our own role in the circle of life."
--Rob Edward, director, Carnivore Restoration Program, Sinapu (www.Sinapu.org)

About the Author

Scott Ian BarryPioneering environmentalist, Scott Ian Barry, is one of a handful of people, who, in the politically charged Watergate-era of the 1970's, helped create the concept of presenting live wolves to educate the citizens of North America.

Since that time, he has worked first hand with 40 wolves, lived with 10, and observed the behavior of over 100. He has personally performed 2,500 lectures at schools, universities and museums, and is the only human being in the history of New York's Carnegie Hall to present a live wolf on-stage, who howled with a sold out audience of 2.200 people. His other lecture venues include: The Smithsonian Institute; The U.S. Department of the Interior; The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Management (Columbia, Missouri); The Canadian National Exhibition; The Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation (Eagle Butte, South Dakota); and most recently, The American Museum of Natural History.

Mr. Barry has aided the states of New York, New Jersey and Maryland in forming legislation on the ownership of wolves and wolf-dog hybrids. He has lobbied in Congress to support The Federal Airborne Hunting Act, to halt the shooting of wolves in Alaska from aircraft, and has met with President Carter on behalf of wolves and the environment.

His extraordinary photographs of wolves have appeared in his first book, "The Kingdom of Wolves" (G.P. Putnam & Sons), which won "The Outstanding Science Trade Book Award" from The National Science Teachers Association; and in his own best selling calendars (Browntrout and Portal Publications); on NBC's "Today Show"; The New York Times; The Chicago Sun-Times; The Washington Post; The Toronto Star; Rangefinder Magazine; Audubon Magazine; and many other publications throughout North America.

After privately viewing Scott Ian Barry's award-winning wolf portfolio, revered photographer, Ansel Adams, invited him to his home in Carmel, California, Calling Barry's images. "striking and generous portraits."

Scott Ian Barry's photos have been published by various publications and organizations, including The New York Times, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Sierra Club. He currently lives in Woodstock, New York.

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