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The Wolfman Cometh

Scott Ian Barry has lived a life that is "the stuff that movies are made of"

He is pleased to offer for the consideration of Hollywood producers and directors, The Wolfman Cometh - an organically original film treatment of 40 - 50 pages, chronicling his extraordinary experiences, traveling North America with live wolves to educate and inspire the public, toward saving out planet.

This is a first and only story of its kind, one that never can be duplicated: a tale of US Government spies; FBI surveillance; an international incident at the US-Canadian border; phone taps; and much more - all, for simply educating people about wolves and our endangered home, the Earth, while at the same time, appearing at our society's most prestigious venues.

The Wolfman Cometh is an All The Presidents Men meets Dances with Wolves... It is a story of the late 20th century... A story for the 21st century... A timeless tale.

Please Contact:
Scott Ian Barry
P.O. Box 838
Woodstock, NY 12498
(845) 389-2890
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